Product Range

Modular Tents

Sunshade Resort luxury Tents are just that - Luxury and comfort in the lap of nature. Luxury resort tents are the perfect getaway from the mundane hotel room. For those who have always wanted a few days away from the concrete four walls of a hotel room, staying at a resort tent is the ideal way to live close to nature in a comfortable way and have a unique experience. Resorts and hotels can create extra rooms and provide their customers with this unique experience.

Another form of Tent popular with resorts and hotels are Party Tents called Fiesta Tents. These party tents are made with a strong a sturdy MS or Aluminum tubular structure and outdoor durable fabric. These tents are normally open from all sides or may have fabric on one or two sides and are ideal to host parties and get-togethers.

  • Designed and manufactured using high quality fabrics and a lightweight yet strong and durable structure.
  • Available in a powder coated steel or maintenance free and rust proof aluminum structure.
  • Designed as per the customers need with a bedroom, veranda and washroom area.
  • Roll up windows with mosquito net or clear PVC and aluminum frame lockable door.
  • Sunshade luxury resort tents can be air conditioned since they are made with a layer of insulation material stitched on the inside of the fabric.
  • 100% waterproof, easily cleanable, durable and long life fabrics make them an intelligent investment.