Product Range

Tensile Structures

We manufacture, supply and install world-class Tensile Structures, which are light in weight because their structural stability derived from their pre-stressed shape rather than mass of the material used. Our range of Tensile Structures is much lighter than conventional building structure and yet it offers high stability. These Stencil Structures are characterized by having a rather small mass relative to the applied load, which include Tensile Structures, Frame Supported Structures, Air Supported Structures, Air Inflated Structures, Cable Network Structures, etc. From an engineering point of view, these Fabric Structures are thin membranes of constant thickness that's why virtue of their surface's shape and inherent large deflection behaviour are able to support the imposed loads required by building codes. These are modestly pre-stressed to enhance their stiffness. Our Fabric Structure also offers a wide span enclosures of great spatial variety with minimal supporting element of "Hard "structures like steel wood etc. , and provide a very good overall level of defused natural daylight.