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Windows Awnings

Sunshade Window Awnings called Fossil are beautiful basket shaped awnings used for protection & adding beauty to windows in homes, offices, clubs and hotels. Window decoration is one of the prime targets of any Architect or Interior designer and adds that final panache to a home. The importance of Exterior protection of Windows from direct sunlight is actually more paramount than interior decor , simply because Window awnings would be the one single most biggest factor in controlling the heating up of a room thus directly affecting room temperatures , thereby directly affecting the money spent on cooling it down or heating it up.

  • Available in a White Powder coated elegant Aluminum Frame manufactured using a special A-Section. The frame is designed to be sleek & elegant, yet strong enough to bear inclement weather conditions.
  • The corner & hinge joints are manufactured with High Impact Plastics to keep the frame light, yet strong.
  • Specially designed PVC extrusions are used to fix the fabric in the aluminum extrusion.
  • Specially designed Rear PVC extrusion in the shape of a fin to cover the gap between the last bay and the wall.